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Posted by WindDancing on March 18, 2010 at 1:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome!  Join me as we Journey Home Cherokee.  We'll discover the ways of our Ancestors...their lives, their customs, their ceremonies, their games, their food, their products, their medicines, and many more. You can ask questions and make comments on this site. I look forward to your visits.


My life as a mixed-blood Cherokee

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      I decided to begin this new site after MSN shut down all their groups web sites. I had Remember The Cherokee Tsalagi there for over seven years with loads of info. Unfortunately most was lost when they closed while I was offline due to my health. I invite you to join me as we journey down the road of Cherokee life.

      My English name is Angela. My Cherokee name is WindDancing or Unole Analagisga in the Eastern Dialect. My maternal grandmother gave me this name when I was young. She said I could be like a gentle breeze one minute and the next I was like a little tornado rushing around. I was quiet when I was reading or otherwise occupied, but I was an active & inquisitive child ... always wanting to know "why"  and "how" things worked. That was a good thing because it has led me to learn many things that I would not have unless I actively persued that knowledge.

       I was more fortunate than some because my mother made sure that I knew about my Cherokee blood. When I would ask her about things that I'd never been told, she would say that it was my "Cherokee memories." I would tell her that the trees and plants were alive and that we had to take care of them. She would ask me how I knew that. I would always tell her that I just knew it was so. I was the youngest child and there was a large gap between me and my older siblings so I was able to spend more time with my mother. She always told me not to tell anyone outside of the family that I was Cherokee, but that one day the time would come when I would be able to tell others that I was Cherokee. She told me to search and find out as much as possible about my ancestors and to share that information with others.I inherited my love, and a little talent, for writing from my mother. So I have been fulfilling that promise for many years now. In addition to the web site, I attend as many powwows as possible each year and many of my grandchildren, family members, and friends go with me. I dance Ladies Traditional Buckskin. I used to dance many others, but my health will not allow that as I've gotten older. My granddaughters dance Fancy Shawl, Ladies Traditional, and many others. I also share info. with others whenever they show interest about the Cherokee. For the past six years I've gone to teach the third and fourth-grade classes about the Cherokee while they are studying about the Eastern Woodland Nations. I take many items for them to see and touch. I lost everything in a house fire in Dec. 2006. When their teacher told them about the fire, several students said they wanted to save their money and give it to me so I could buy more Native American things to bring the following year so I could continue to teach about the Cherokee. They saved their snack money and in two weeks they gave me over $70.00. We had many people that helped us and gave us things after the fire, but their simple act of love gave me the most pleasure. I continue to tell the following classes about their selfless gift. I'm not sure who is more pleased and excited about my visits ... me or the children ... but I'll continue to teach them as long as they ask me.


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